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The big bag Xiaogang, color looks very beautiful, my only complaint is that snap there, because previously bought bags are basically there is not bad, not on the cover is off, I hope this can not do, the bag I love, like a

Very beautiful, very like

Colleagues like to introduce her to the store to buy the same paragraph, I also quite happy this bag

With the physical description is almost the only thing is too heavy to put things are very heavy overall is very good very beautiful

Yes, I want the style, quality can also be.

Fortunately, the smell is too big, more than and 10 days or no smell.

Novel style, pure color, packaging logistics is very fast, very carefully, great store, ah! The next opportunity to visit.

Shoes to wear and comfortable, it is worth buying

Yes, that's fine.

To the customer service attitude is also very good logistics and this package is very similar to the picture of the kind of very large package can put a lot of things like my classmates like!!!

After the bag in your home to buy, good quality

Particularly practical, before and after a total of 3 zippers, things can be separated from the release, it is convenient, the only thing is to put less stuff, not tangible, because the sewing is not smooth enough.

Yes, the soles are comfortable, not very thin, suitable for work wear

Very good very satisfied

The package material can also be felt, leather is soft, the flavor is too big, on the balcony open 5 days before what.

Good looks have been looking forward to a long time very satisfied

Texture is very good, comfortable to wear, good style, five-star praise, a very happy shopping

Evaluation is not timely evaluation, the system default!


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