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The taste is very good, two boxes sent a knife and peel orange.

It's sweet and delicious

Yummy, third pieces.

Very good, very fast, express to open, fortunately not disappointed, very delicious, a little sour, and it will come back oh, ha ha! Very crisp oh delicious,

Some time ago busy decoration chaos boss chair Slide Show feel shy, cost-effective who did not. Fine workmanship, solid materials, packaging services are in place, bang bang da! Now let us look at the effect of a reference

Excellent quality, installation effort

Wood surface is not good, just under the mark of deep marks, good pit

Yes, good style or quality

The goods have been received and installed, very good, very beautiful appearance elegant. Fine workmanship, elegant appearance. Finish is smooth and shiny, very beautiful. Warm and thoughtful service. All five star!

The chair is of good quality, no smell, and the description is very satisfactory.

It's the green side.

The quality is very good, and the seller described exactly the same, very satisfied, really like, completely beyond the expected value, delivery speed is very fast, very careful packaging. Very satisfied with the shopping..

There is no color, no damage, no smell, the installation will not be strong enough to damage the wood, MDF is very strong and very good feeling, the best is the express, ah, ah, come

You feel the gap between ideal and reality. You choose, the tears are installed. Where it is easy to twist screw slide wire, hole size and so some difference. Oh, that's it! ?

See a lot of home, finally decided to start, put in the home decoration installed just fine, it is the grade, the key is the price is really, furniture quality is also very good, my husband said very good, everyone in the family is love, there is a need to

Evaluation is not timely evaluation, the system default!

Very good, very good quality, but not enough to buy something!

Wood is very good, very strong, good workmanship, quite atmosphere, in short, good

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