USB Beverage Heater Pad

USB Beverage Heater Pad
USB Beverage Heater Pad
USB Beverage Heater Pad
USB Beverage Heater Pad


name:Dark Wood
USB Beverage Heater PadDark Wood
name:Light Wood
USB Beverage Heater PadLight Wood
USB Beverage Heater PadPorcelain
name:Water Drop
USB Beverage Heater PadWater Drop
USB Beverage Heater PadBlack
  • Insulation pads make your cup always warm
  • Energy-saving and safe
  • The temperature is about 70 °C
  • Using ordinary 220V AC power with plugs, switches and lights
  • This electric insulation cup and saucer is suitable for any hot beverage insulation
  • Small size, light weight and easy to carry. It is small, light and portable.
  • Rated power: 5W
  • Standard USB interface, 5V input voltage
  • Base material for high temperature
  • Product Size: 10.3*7.5*1.6CM

How to Use:

  • When the product is working , please do not touch the heating panel to avoid burns
  • Be sure to use a flat bottom cup to ensure that the cup and the heat panel contact
  • Please use glass, metal and other cups
  • Do not use plastic cups, paper cups, in order to ensure thermal conductivity.
  • Keep the unit in a dry state, disconnect the USB edge, and wipe dry
  • Be sure to use and store the machine in a normal temperature environment
  • Occasionally wipe with a warm cloth to keep the machine constantly new.


  • THIS HEAT PAD IS JUST FOR WARMING NOT HEATING. It has no heating function.

Package Includes:

  • One (1) USB Beverage Heater Pad
  • One (1) USB Power Cable

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