Kelly USA Polo Shirt - Special Grunge Flag - American Family Crest A7

Classy, but not too uptight. Classic, but not constricting. Nobody told you to be a slave to old school formalities! Embrace your freedom with this Kelly USA Polo Shirt - Special Grunge Flag - American Family Crest A7 from Dalabshop.

Show off your hidden fashion sense in this polo shirt from Dalabshop. It is designed to be fit for relaxation with a regular size through the chest and a printed neck label for maximum comfort. 

Sure, you know what a polo shirt is. But do you know what it can be? A great look for the office or your next night in the town. And with our supersoft cotton and easy-iron finish, this Kelly USA Polo Shirt - Special Grunge Flag - American Family Crest A7 comes in regular fit through the chest to give you that relaxed, unrestrained finish - perfect for work and play alike.

Trying to find a custom shirt? We've got you covered. But let's be honest with ourselves, you're not really seeking your next great fashion statement, are you?! You just want COMFORT! Our Kelly USA Polo Shirt - Special Grunge Flag - American Family Crest A7 has the most comfortable fabric ever for the best moisture management technology on earth! Big deal right? WRONG! The elasticity of this particular material will have your mind blown with how soft it feels against an older gymbro’s skin. And if that weren't enough, we immediately combine this goodness with double needle stitching so you feel even better knowing no one is having more fun than us when they order their own Polo Shirt today and wear them to the gym!

Looking for a must-have uniform to bring you luck and success at work – we made sure this one had everything. With its versatile look, it’s perfect for both climbing ladders and hanging out downtown after work (and maybe dinner?). This polo shirt is the perfect outfit staple for any business outfit. And don’t forget that this shirt goes with anything! With its classy color combination of white and black, you'll definitely look your best in this polo shirt.

Hey, guy! The polo shirt's here. This guy is way more than just that jacket fabric you wear at big golf tournaments. We're talking about the ONLY choice for your next best outfit. You'll be sure to shine in this smooth, breathable style all offseason long!

Polo shirts are the best kind of shirt for all seasons! You can wear it in summer, winter, rain or snow. Best of all you get to change how you dress your polo shirt with different colors and patterns. And if that's not enough for you then there are special things like stripes, plaids, dotted prints. Get one today!

Care Instruction: 

  • Don't use bleach. It damages the clothes and can cause bad reactions.
  • Machine wash cold water, preferably on gentle cycle
  • Iron on low heat to give your shirt that soft but crisp look; it should be cared with a steamer to remove wrinkles.
  • Try to avoid line drying in direct sunlight.

Why should you go for our Polo Shirts?

  • You can wear it for any occasion - casual or formal!
  • The Polo Shirt is at an affordable price
  • There are Polo Shirts for everyone! No matter what size you are, there's one to fit your body type perfectly
  • The Polo Shirts look good on everyone!
  • They are very comfortable to wear and easy to style.
  • You can get one for yourself or buy it as a gift - either way, everyone will love this wardrobe staple piece
  • Unbeatable customer service that will help resolve any concerns, big or small, quickly and affordably!

Size Chart:


Type - Polo Shirt

Size - S,M,L,XL,2XL,3XL,4XL,5XL


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