Soldering Tip Cleaner Brass Solder Tip Cleaning Soft Coiled Holder Sponges 70mm x 70mm x 71mm for Iron Tips Cleaner Golden 2pcs

2024-06-27 19:50:48


The solder head cleaner avoids the premature consumption of the soldering head. It greatly reduces the rate of oxide accumulation in soldering iron tips compared to conventional tip cleaners, prolongs the soldering iron tip's life.

You can get a Base Holder and Brass Ball, which is softer and harder. They help to remove oxides and excess solder to preserve tip life and enable clean, precise soldering.



Does not cause premature wear of soldering iron tips.

Made from coils of brass, cleans better than conventional sponges.

Dome design, tin slag will not splash on the table, keep the working environment clean.



Product Name: Solder Tip Cleaner

Color: Golden

Weight: 192g

Material: Brass, Plastic

Size: 70x70x71mm/2.8x2.8x2.8 inch


Package Contents:

2 x Brass Sponges

2 x Holders



  1. Before residue sticking on the tip, thrusting soldering tip into brass wire at a downward. After that the tip will be cleaned as the original.
  2. After using the soldering iron, the tip will turn black.

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