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Sammons Preston Lightweight Stainless-Steel Teaspoon, 7.125" Long, 1.1 oz, Durable Black Nylon Handle, Light Weight Utensil for Eating with Arthritis or Weak Grip, Outdoor Dining & Camping Cutlery

Sammons Preston Magnet Alarm, Fall Management System for Elderly Residents, Aid for Monitoring Patients in Bed or in Wheelchairs, Alarm System for Assisted Living Residents and Elderly Care

Sammons Preston Progress Chips for Physical Therapeutic Hand Exercises, Pack of Four Chips for Flexible Therapy Putty for Finger & Hand Recovery & Rehabilitation, Occupational Therapy

Sammons Preston Reacher, Blue, 26 Inch, Grabber Reacher Tool, Lightweight Trash Picker Grabber & Garden Nabber, Handy Aluminum Picker Up Tool & Reaching Claw, Portable Reaching Assist & Dressing Tool 26" Standard, Blue

Sammons Preston Safety Strips, Adhesive Anti-Slip Guards for a Non-Slip Surface, Pack of 20, Clear -51020

Sammons Preston Stainless-Steel Shoehorn/ Sock Aid, 18" Long, Dual Function Plastic Handle with Curved Hook Makes It Easy to Pull Up Socks, Independent Daily Living Aid for the Elderly & Disabled 18"

Sammons Preston Sure Grip Bendable Teaspoon, Bendable Stainless Steel Spoon with 4" Long Thick Rubber Handle with Good Grips, Eating Aid for Arthritis, Weak Grip, Stroke Impairments, and Disabilities

Sammons Preston The Dressing Solution, All In One Independent Dressing Aid with Shoehorn and Dressing Stick for Getting Dressed, Clothes Grabber and Picker Upper, EZ Clothing Assistant for Elderly

Sammons Preston Therapy Putty for Physical Therapeutic Hand Exercise, Flexible Putty for Finger and Hand Recovery and Rehabilitation, Strength Training, Occupational Therapy, 2 Ounce, Extra Firm, Gray 1 Pound Red - Medium Soft

Sammons Preston Therapy Putty, Therapeutic Hand Exerciser, Theraputty for Finger and Hand Rehabilitation, Exercise Putty to Improve Hand Grip Strength, Occupational Therapy, 4 Ounce, Medium Soft, Red Red - Medium Soft 4 Ounces

Sammons Preston Toilet Aid, Holds Toilet Paper, Allows Elderly, Handicapped, and Disabled users to Easily Grab Toilet Paper, Bathroom Aid For users with Minimal Hand Grip Strength

Sammons Preston-28597 Homecraft Queens Angled Cutlery, Right-Handed Angled Spoon, Lightweight Ergonomic Adaptive Spoon, Cutlery with Easy-to-Grip Handles for Limited or Weak Grasp, Adaptive Utensil for Independent Eating

Sammons Preston-30045 Economy Overhead Pulleys with Metal Bracket, Workout, Exercise, & Physical Therapy System for Upper Body & Shoulder Rehabilitation, Increase Range of Motion & Mobility

Sammons Preston-49702 Extra Long Dressing and Hip Stick with Hooks, Assisted Daily Living Aid for Getting Dressed, Independent Donning Aid for Limited Reach & Mobility, Push, Pull, Hook, or Grab Clothing

Sammons Preston-56573 Rolyan Basic Ergonomic Hand Exerciser, Strengthening Device for Fingers, Hands, and Thumbs, Comes with 4 Pairs of Graded Rubber Bands with Progressive Difficulty, Blue Plastic Handle

Sammons Preston-63391 Deluxe Playing Card Rack, 9.5" Long x 5" Wide, Stylish Walnut-Stained Fiberboard with Slanted Grooves, Tiered Card Holder with Many Levels, Easy to Organize Playing Cards for Any Game

Sammons Preston-63805 Therapy Putty Hand Exercise Book,12 Pagewith Hand & Wrist Exercises for at Home Physical &Occupational Therapy,Grip Strength Training,Surgery & Injury Recovery,Pack of 20

Sammons Preston-80710 Mouth Stick Wand, 16" Long Typing Stick & Page Turner for Electronic Devices, Non Bendable Assistive Technology Interaction Aids for Disabled and Quadriplegics 16"

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